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Salvage Yards in Arizona

Salvage Yards in Arizona is a great website working to help you find the part you need to repair your vehicle with parts you can afford. With the prices of gas and just about everything else on the rise, it’s good to know that there are some things out there that are still a good value. One of these values is repairing your vehicle with quality used OEM parts. Choosing to use quality used OEM parts is a smart economical way to repair your vehicle. How many times have you called a dealership looking for a part only to find out that the price is astronomical? Auto recyclers offer these same parts a fraction of the cost because they buy vehicles that are no longer operative at a low cost and remove the parts that still work and usually have many more miles of use left on them.


For people looking to repair older vehicles, it is sometimes impossible to get a new factory part because the manufacturer no longer makes the part you need. The only choices in that case are cheap aftermarket parts that are questionable in terms of quality yet are still quite expensive or choosing a part that was made by the manufacturer specifically for your vehicle that has plenty of life left in it for a fraction of the cost. When confronted with these facts, choosing a quality used OEM part is the most sensible option for most.

Arizona Wrecking Yards

And the way that provides this sensible solution is really quite simple. We have brought some of the most reputable auto recyclers in the state of Arizona together in one database so locating the part you need is as easy as clicking a mouse. Remember the old days when you would have to sit down with the phone book and call around for hours sometimes just to find out that nobody had the part you needed and couldn’t tell you where to look next. Well those days are over. Here at, you can simply fill out a parts request for part you are looking for and if the part is out there, we can usually find it for you.


Not only is the part you need easier to locate now, many times you can even have the part shipped directly to your doorstep. Now how about that for convenience? If you would rather check the part out personally before you buy it, just choose one of the reputable auto recyclers close to you, drive over and pick it up it. It’s just that simple.


With salvage yards located all across the state and in neighboring states as well, can provide the information you need to get your car back on the road. With year round good weather and low humidity, the salvage yards located here also have plenty of space to store vehicles outdoors without the fear of the damage weather in other parts of the country can do to vehicles stored outdoors. This allows auto recyclers here to keep their overhead costs down which translates into big savings for you, the consumer.

So what are you waiting for, fill out a parts request today and get that part you need to get you going again!

Junk Car Removal

What about a junk car in Arizona? Need one moved? We have partnered with a number of towing services to haul off that pesty junk car thats been staring at you for years! Whatever your parts needs may be you can be sure to find just what you are looking for from Arizona Junk Yards.